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Watch This Man Meet The Gorilla He Raised 5 Years After Being Released To The Wild

The Aspinall Foundation does an amazing job in protecting the worlds gorilla population.

Their main role is to assist in the re-introduction of captive gorillas back into their natural habitat.

The gorillas are bred at the Howletts Wild Animal Park in the U.K.

As soon as they’re old enough they are taken to live out their days in the safety of a huge reserve in Africa.

The manager of the foundation is Damian Aspinall, he’s overseen just over 100 gorillas being taken back to the wild. But there was one gorilla who had a special place in Damian’s heart.

Damian and Kwibi cuddling

During his time at Howletts, Kwibi became very close to Damian, but after Kwibi was released on the reserve it was always going to be unlikely that the two would ever meet again.

After five years Damian found that he really wanted to see how Kwibi was doing, he’d heard that Kwibi had been aggressive towards humans working on the reserve so finally decided to give his old friend a visit.

This video really captures the lasting bond between the two, they interact like long lost friends. It’s amazing to watch.

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