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Teens Force Special Needs Food Delivery Driver To Pay Refund From His Own Wallet

Early December last year a disturbing video was uploaded to Twitter that shows two teenage boys harassing a take away food delivery driver. Judging by the video the boys had ordered a McDonalds through the delivery service DoorDash.

It seems the boys ordered their meal along with a couple of McFlurries, the ice cream machine was out of order and the driver couldn’t deliver the desserts so these guys wanted their money back.

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The video shows two teenage boys goading the unfortunate delivery driver over a measly sum of 4 dollars. It’s quite clear the driver has a form of social disability as he is visibly anxious and scared. A couple of Twitter users commented they knew the driver and voiced their concerns about his disability and the situation.

As the driver is pulling out his own wallet and fumbling around for money you can see his hand shaking as he tries to explain the error on the order wasn’t really his responsibility.

But the boys weren’t about to let their 2 dollars each escape and continued to press him for their refund.

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The video has almost 20 million views right now and people were rightly outraged at the treatment of the driver. Many were saying they would like to find him and replace his money themselves.

Instead, someone started a Go Fund Me with a goal of $400 called Friends Of Lee. The goal was well and truly smashed with the campaign raising over $3,000 and is no longer taking donations.

The driver was tracked down and is working with Go Fund Me and the online bullying charity Cybersmile. The driver has made a pledge to donate the funds to the charity. Check out the Campaign here.

Surprisingly it seems the video was uploaded by the teenagers themselves, i suppose if you’re stupid enough to harass a guy who is delivering your take away food over 4 dollars then you probably
would post evidence of doing so to social media.

Go fund me image of driver and friend


I guess they didn’t expect 20 million people to be watching them acting like jerks to a special needs delivery driver just trying to make a living.

According to the Go Fund Me page, the driver has deleted his social media accounts for now. Hundreds of people reached out offering help but his ailment is a severe social disorder which makes him need to avoid social interactions. Recent events had stressed him out in a big way.

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