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Porsche Owner Angers Fellow Drivers By Parking Over Two Spaces

A driver has been blasted on social media for parking his Porsche over two parking spaces in a busy supermarket car park in Hull, UK.

The driver parked his german supercar directly above the white line deliberately taking up two spaces in an effort to protect the paintwork from fellow motorists who might carelessly damage his car.

The Porsche 911 worth around £100,000 was seen taking up two spaces at the car park near Sainsburys in Willerby Square on Wednesday afternoon.

It caught the attention of fellow drivers who accused the driver of parking this way because he ‘didn’t want his doors scratched.’

Porsche 911’s start at around £80,000 but the price soon increases depending on the specifications and whether it’s a track focused car like the GT3 which can cost more than £140,000.

A user of the car park who didn’t want to be named said:

‘Porsche 911’s cost £145,000 he’s just parked like this in a packed car park presuming as he doesn’t want anyone to scratch him opening their doors.

It was a man in his thirties who just got out and left his car like that, the guy cruised in and just pulled straight across two spaces, got out and walked away.

There was no question he did it deliberately. He’s probably worried about some “ordinary” person dinking his paintwork by opening their doors beside him.

It happened at about 3pm during the school run, which meant the car park was busy as it is often used by the parents of the children who go to the nearby school.’

The incensed driver added: ‘It’s quite a wide car but there was loads of 4X4’s managing to get in spaces so i don’t see what his problem was, just selfish.’

Featured image: YouTube

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