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People Want A Reality TV Show Where Flat Earthers Look For Earth’s Edge

Conspiracy theory can be quite an interesting subject. Some crazy sounding theories have turned out to be true and some are just downright outrageous and clearly false. The flat earth theory falls into the latter.

Around a couple of thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and others believed the earth was a flat disc shape. It wasn’t until Aristotle proved the earth was indeed, spherical in 330BC the the idea slowly became commonplace.

Image of the curvature of the earth taken from space
http://Photo by Richard Gatley on Unsplash

Even though we’re now in the 21st century, some people are adamant that the earth is flat, it has edges, we can travel to those edges and it’s all a big cover up by NASA because, well, i’m not entirely sure why.

One Reddit user came up with the idea that someone needs to fund a reality show where flat earthers attempt to find the edge of the planet.

Reddit thread title
Reddit | umax13811

The post got a lot of upvotes, many people commented on his idea and expanded upon it.

A fair amount of the comments were proposing ideas for the hypothetical new show.

Someone suggested the contestants receive $500,000 for travel and supplies for a 6 month mission to find the earth’s edge, the winner gets $5 million, if the mission fails they have to return the $500,000.

Reddit comment

I reckon we should hold an internet wide vote, send the results to the big players of tv production and get this thing rolling! I know I’d watch the hell out of it. I imagine it would be some kind of Survivor/Amazing Race kind of show.

Picture of earth from space with satellite in view

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

What suggestions would you make for this potential reality show?

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