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Our Best Memes Of The Week

Well, it’s time to share the best performing memes of the week as voted by our much loved Facebook page followers on Stop The World, I Wanna Get Off!

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are. Thanks for following us and voting with your likes and shares!

#1. Tired. 6k likes, 262 comments & 4.1k shares.


#2. Joint Fb account. 2.6k likes, 123 comments & 2k shares.


#3. Dog thinks he’s the shit. 6.1k likes, 517 comments & 6.1k shares.


#4. Thinking man. 5.4k likes, 194 comments & 10k shares.


#5. Malcom X. 3.1k likes, 144 comments & 7.3k shares.


#6. Common sense. 6.4k likes, 182 comments & 18k shares.


#7 Parenting. 6.1k likes, 192 comments & 13k shares.


#8. Name this band. 2.7k likes, 7.7k comments (top comment by Mark Puczynski was Mickey Meth & the Crackheads… lol) 5.6k shares.


#9. Tv show. 3.3k likes, 15k comments & 6.6k shares.


#10. The wall. 10k likes, 406 comments & 20k shares.


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