Whale in the jungle

No One Knows How a 10-Ton Whale Ended Up in the Amazon Jungle

A 10-ton humpback whale was found dead recently in the Amazon jungle of Brazil, on the island of Marajo, at the mouth of the Amazon River.

According to researchers, it ended up there by being thrown onshore during a storm, but then again, these types of whales swim near the coast not that often. Bearing in mind that it was found so far inland, we can say that what got him there could not be a storm just because of its sheer wieght, it would have required hurricane force to carry it.

An indicator that something very strange was happening at the island was the fact that other animals began flocking to the huge carcass of the mammal.

Renata Emin, lead researcher on the effort, has stated for The Independent that what has occurred is very strange and indicates that the whale was floating near the coast and then the tide picked it up and threw it inland.

She also added that because of the decomposition of the body, some of the information that they might have had are now lost, but they are trying their best to find out if the whale was caught in a net or hit by a boat.

Emin does not exclude the opinion that we are talking about a calf that probably got separated from its mother, and that is the reason it was swimming so close to the shore.

According to the State Environment Department, the whale will be left to decompose where it was found because of how large it is. Dirlene Silva of the State Environment Department stated that there is no way that the dead body of the whale could be moved.

However, when it does decompose, researchers will dismantle the whale’s bones in order to send them to a museum to be reassembled and put on display.

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