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Mother Thinks Parent’s Shouldn’t Change Kids Nappies If They Don’t Give Permission

Millions of parents the world over have thought nothing strange about changing their child’s nappies or having a bit of playful fun by tickling their kids but one mother from the UK is debating the issue of asking our children for permission before we change a nappy or tickle them.

Lottie Daley was interviewed on UK breakfast tv show “This Morning”. She says that the way we learn about autonomy over our own bodies and giving consent starts at birth.

She suggests we should announce to our children that we’re about to change their nappy to enable the child to be aware that their bodies are their own and not ours.

Baby on a change table
Image by heymattallen from Pixabay

Lottie says that the point isn’t to ask for a yes or no answer, it’s just so they know we’re about to do something that involves their bodies and maintains that giving permission is a subject that should be discussed with our children long before they reach teenage years.

Her suggestion doesn’t stop there though, she says that tickling our children should require consent too. She deliberately asks her own daughters whether they enjoy being tickled and the answer is “yes”. However, if she asks if it’s fine for somebody else to tickle them instead, the girls say “no”.

Mr Tickle
Credit : YouTube This Morning

Lottie says it’s because they’re apprehensive about not being familiar with somebody else who isn’t their mother.

Vanessa Feltz, another guest on the same show, didn’t agree with her saying that tickling a child is one way to express love and just have a bit of fun. Vanessa told her that it’s not an invasion of personal space or their autonomy, it’s just innocent playfulness.

What do you think, do you have an opinion on this tickling debate? Is it ok to change your childs nappy if they don’t give you permission?

Feature image: YouTube, This Morning.

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