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Mike Tyson Offered Zookeeper $10,000 to Let Him Fight Silverback Gorilla

What does it mean to be a celebrity? It means to be a person that is more famous than the rest and to make more money than the rest. But, everyone bears their fame differently.

Some are grounded, likeable, and never forget where they came from, and also there are some that let their fame and fortune go to their head. With all the money in their possession, they are able to do and buy whatever they want, and fulfill as many strange wishes as they want. Take Mike Tyson as an example.

Mike Tyson
Credit | Brian Birzer, Wikimedia

We all know Mike Tyson, he has a tattoo on the side of his face and has surely cemented his place among the legends of boxing. At the age of 20, he became the youngest heavyweight world champion. Some might know him by his nickname, “The Baddest Man on the Planet’’.

In his heyday there wouldn’t be may who would like to get in the ring with him, the man looked like he was willing to take on anyone and anything. Back then, he was so confident that he believed he was strong enough to fight a Silverback Gorilla.

Gorilla in zoo enclosure

The now 52-year-old boxer, admitted that he had bribed a zookeeper into opening the park for him and his wife. At one point, while enjoying the walk, they came across the gorilla enclosure. Apparently, the alpha gorilla was bullying the others into submission, and Tyson did not like that.

At the same moment, he offered the zookeeper $10,000 to let him into the cage and punch the alpha gorilla. Of course, the zookeeper declined that offer. After all, punching a gorilla could be seen as animal abuse.

Anyway, the boxer has always been a huge animal lover and has been known to keep pigeons as well as a number of exotic arctic tigers as pets.

Tyson with tiger

Beside the fact that he is being known for his career and his pets, he is also known for being a supporter of the marijuana industry. He’s going full steam ahead with his new business venture and has procured a 40-acre cannabis ranch, where on February 23rd, he held a weed-themed music festival, apparently though, the drug was not sold at the event.

I guess having all that money and fame at such a young age might bring a bit of bravado out in a fella but i’m not sure there’s a man alive that could win in a straight fight with an adult gorilla.

Tyson in his day was an unbelievable fighter, with all ethics cast aside,
if a fight between Tyson and the gorilla had happened, who would win?

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