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Man Arrested For Exposing Himself At A Hair Salon.

Last Friday afternoon in Donaldsonville, Louisiana a man was arrested for exposing himself to four female hairdressers in a popular hair salon in the city.

The local resident from Donaldsonville entered the salon and asked for his hair to be shaved off, after a short wait he was seated in the barbers chair and the young hairdresser placed a cape around his neck and shoulders.

Hairdresser Sharon Harris recalls:

“He came in and asked for a cut so i set him up in the chair, I could smell alcohol on him but he didn’t appear to be drunk so I asked how short he wanted it, he didn’t answer so i went with a number 1.

I could see he was doing something under the cape but I figured he was trying to get to his phone so I started clipping his hair but then I realised he was rubbing himself under the cape. I was so shocked I screamed.”

Apparently the other girls came to Sharon’s rescue and told the guy to leave:

“I was shaking, he stood up, removed the cape to reveal a totally naked bottom half, it was disgusting.”

One of the girls called police on her phone while the others were shouting at him to leave.

“He looked so stupid standing there with his little bits hanging out and not even half a hair cut, I don’t know if it was the fear but I burst out laughing at him. The other girls laughed too which seemed to upset him. That’s when he ran from the salon.”

Police were on the scene within ten minutes. They informed the salon girls they had picked up the half naked man 3 blocks away.

Apparently he was trying to enter a Target but the door greeter wouln’t let him in.

He was arrested for public nudity and possesion of a class 1 narcotic which the police found in his jeans at the salon.

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