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Kentucky High School Trails ‘Adulting Day’ To Teach Students How To Live In The Real World

There’s no doubt that school is an essential part of our younger years, teaching us everything from our ABC’s to much more complex topics. While this knowledge is of course very beneficial, most of us leave school lacking in basic life skills.

A Kentucky school is trying to break the mold by offering their senior students some life coaching classes. They dubbed their new scheme, Adulting Day. Students will be able to spend a full day talking and learning about how to manage the essential every day skills of adult life.

Although knowledge of history and algebra are great, it’s of little use when you blow a tyre on the highway. So, the school brought in a police officer to give advice on what to do in that situation and the best course of action if they were ever pulled over on a traffic stop.

Changing a blown tyre

Students also heard advice about paying taxes, household bills, banking and all of that financial stuff that most of us have to figure out for ourselves.

Bullett Central High School brought in guest speakers and local community members to help make the transition from high school to the real world as painless as possible. By all accounts the scheme has been largely successful, BCHS posted an update to their Facebook page about the progress.

The Kentucky school’s initiative has raised a few eyebrows in national media, it’s gaining some great momentum and positive feedback. The locals have called the scheme a wonderful idea.

Teachers at BCHS have apparently had a range of suggestions from people about adding some new topics to the lessons which include: How to be happy with your paycheck, even if it’s not much. Why you shouldn’t use recreational drugs, how frozen pizza can help you survive and how to live from one pay check to the next.

It’s a step in the right direction for our youth. Hopefully similar schemes will be made available for all students nationwide.

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