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“It Was The Biggest Grow I’ve Ever Seen” – Suburban Mom Busted For Running Multi-million Dollar Weed Operation

Her operation has been called fortress-like. Outfitted with 12-foot metal rolling fencing, fortified doors, large concrete walls, this is just part of the description of her warehouses.

43 year old Stephanie Smith was discovered to have been behind an enormous marijuana growing operation in the suburban Southern California neighborhood.

This Wednesday, she was detained at her Pacific Palisades home, after three of her properties have been raided by the police. There, according to KTLA 5 News, was discovered an enormous weed growing operation.

While searching her properties, San Bernardino police discovered her employees, guards, an advanced drip-irrigation system, as well as over 24,000 marijuana plants. The grow was in an old Pacific Bell property, which is on the same block as the back entrance of the SBPD.

Lt. Mike Madden said that even though he had been in this job for 26 years, the biggest grow he has even seen was Smith’s grow. He described what he has seen as pretty extensive.

large grow room
Credit | SBPD

According to the police, the huge operation is normally associated with a drug lord, and this is the largest marijuana seizure in the PD’s history. Police tagged and bagged over 18,000 pounds.

The reason the police became suspicious of these locations was the electric bill that one of the locations got, which was $67,000 a month. Bearing this in mind, they eventually ascertained the locations of the other warehouses.

Even though marijuana is legal in the state of California, growing large amounts of it requires permit, and there are strict regulations for the ones that grow it. As Lt. Madden said, it is legalized but you cannot set up a shop whenever you like.

Smith did not apply for a permit for growing marijuana, and San Bernardino began issuing permits in June. She and her employees are now in police custody, and so far, no one has been charged with any crime.

Featured image credit: San Bernardinho Police Department

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