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Guy Who Spent $50k To Look Like David Beckham Is Now Broke

We all have our heroes in life, some of us admire our peers or maybe a particular family member, while others look to famous people for inspiration and guidance.

One guy has taken this admiration a few steps further than most of us. Meet 22 year old Jack Johnson, or as he prefers to be called, Jack Beckham.

Jack is a huge fan of the former Manchester United winger David Beckham and he’s stopping at nothing to look like his boyhood hero.

Jack being interviewed on British T.V

The list of surgeries Jack has already undertaken is pretty long, he’s had liposuction, botox, facial fillers, button inserts and a nose job and he still wants more.

I’ve been an avid football fan for a long time, I can still recall a good amount of David Beckham’s free kicks, goals and his pin point crosses during games but that’s pretty much as far as my own admiration goes. (As well as him redeeming himself from the tabloid newspaper bullshit he had to endure after getting sent off in a world cup game.)

Here’s a small reminder of some of his goals. 🙂

Jacks obsession intensified a couple of months ago when he was involved in a freak accident.

After eating dinner he dozed off and was woken by a large fire in the kitchen, he grabbed his duvet and threw it onto the fire to smother it but failed to see a hidden can of antiperspirant caught up in the duvet.

The can exploded, hit him in the head and knocked him clean out.

Jack, burnt in hospital
iamjack | Instagram

Speaking of the fire he said:

“It detonated. It tossed me back onto the handrail. When I escaped the level I fell oblivious and that is the point at which I woke up from a state of unconsciousness 24 hours after the fact at Queen’s Medical Center.”

“It has made me increasingly resolved to achieve my objective since I almost kicked the bucket. I won’t stop until I’m dead. I don’t look like David presently so regardless of whether somebody gave me £1m despite everything I wouldn’t appear as though him however I will continue attempting.”

Unfortunately jack lost everything in the fire and has since been sofa surfing between friends and family.

“I have lost everything. I am in a great deal of obligation at any rate, however now I am in more obligation since I didn’t have protection. It has devastated me.”

Jack at home
iamjack | Instagram

Despite having nowhere to live and a mountain of debt, Jack is unwavering in his commitment to looking like Beckham. Next on his list is having three ribs removed in order to be able to wear the uber stylish waistcoats that his hero wears.

You’ve got to admire his determination. Even his mum can’t stop him:

I will carry on until the point that I realize I seem as though him. In the event that I don’t tune in to my very own mum, when she instructs me to stop, I am not going to tune in to every other person.

I have no issue with my appearance however I simply need to be a David Beckham carbon copy, the main individual in Britain to look precisely like a superstar through work being finished.

Jack explains his obsession in a recent interview on national television.

Johnson recently set up a Go Fund Me page to try to recover some of the debt incurred by the fire.

T.V interview credit: This Morning

Beckham goals video credit: Notelicioux

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