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Guy Gets Busted For Impersonating A Police Officer, His Arrest Picture Gets Brutally Roasted By Facebook Commenters

It seems that barely a few weeks go by nowadays where someone’s police mugshot picture gets savagely trolled by Facebook commenters.

It wasn’t too long ago we saw the wide neck guy’s mugshot picture get some interesting comments by Facebook users, there was another guy with an unbelievably long neck who was being called Sid the sloth from the movie Ice Age.

A few days ago, Jeremy Kurck was arrested by Lonoke County Police for allegedly impersonating a police officer. His arrest followed swiftly after he pulled up behind an unmarked police car and turned on his flashing green and amber lights with a siren blaring.

Police say that when they got out of their car and approached him, he was wearing a similar badge to them, a radio, handcuffs and a taser gun.

The incident itself is quite bizarre, but when news personality, Mitchell McCoy posted Jeremys image on his Facebook page, things really got rolling in the comment section.

These are some of the top comments on Mitchell’s page.

Check out the full comment section here.

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