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Flat Earthers Manage To Disprove Their Own Theory With Experiment In New Netflix Doc

In a documentary called Behind The Curve which was recently released on Netflix, there’s a quite interesting experiment. Actually, there are several experiments that were supposed to support the theory of a flat Earth.

This particular experiment did the exact opposite. The flat earthers ended up being disproved by themselves in the process.

The documentary was made in 2018 but has only recently been released to Netflix. It centres on many members of the movement and according to Newsweek, includes a focus on YouTuber Mark Sargent.

Not once in this documentary did their experiments prove the opposite of the opinion of the flat earthers. The rigor with which they disprove themselves may be the most surprising.

In one of the experiments, they attempt to prove the earth is flat by using a couple of boards with holes cut into them, the boards are set a certain distance apart, then a torch is shone through one of the holes.

Their theory is, if the earth was flat the light would be perfectly captured through the hole in the board furthest away from the torch. I don’t want to drop a spoiler here, i mean, i bet you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to find out if the earth is indeed flat, right?

Well, here’s a short video from YouTube to put your mind at rest.

I reckon that people are entitled to their own beliefs, you could tell me the earth is a doughnut shape if you want to, just show me something scientific to prove it and i might take you seriously.

The trouble is, there is no science behind the flat earth theory. It’s all just assumption and guess work. The flat earth society is quite serious about their beliefs, it is a community that’s growing steadily with members all over the globe.

They’re not going anywhere, they’re in it for the long haul in the hope of proving themselves right. For some reason, part of me hopes they keep making more of these docco’s.

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