Stop the world

Stop the world i wanna get off globe meme

Welcome to the site!

So, i should tell you a little bit about me and my mission here. I started Stop The World, I wanna Get Off on Facebook about 3 years ago and it’s grown into an awesome page. I generally post what interests me or whatever makes me laugh and It’s fun to see that these topics resonate with so many people.

That’s my intention with the website. I love writing about things that are of interest to me.

I’ll be posting anything from funny stories, crazy stuff that i come across in life or on the web and the state of the world today and what i make of it. I may even throw in the occasional satire article just for fun!

I hope you find my musings entertaining, if you came here from my Facebook page i want to thank you for following the page!

I’ll leave you for now with one of my favourite sayings.

don't let idiots ruin your day meme

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