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A Mother Allegedly Poured Water On Her Sleeping Baby’s Face For Keeping Her Awake At Night Then Posted It On Facebook

South Carolina authorities have arrested and charged a woman for cruelty to children after she recorded and posted rather disturbing video to Facebook.

The video allegedly shows her pouring water over her daughters mouth and nose while the 9 month old was asleep in her cot, which caused the baby to wake up coughing and spluttering.

According to Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, Caitlin Alyse Hardy then posted the video to Facebook, her status read: “Payback for waking me up all kinda times of da night… 😂😂😂”


Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

The short video shows a woman holding a bottle of water over the baby’s face and laughing, as she tips the water over the infant’s face the woman laughs even more.

Police released a statement saying they investigated Caitlin after seeing disturbing images on a social media site.

Captain Robert Burnish, head of Sumter County Sheriff’s investigations division told media: “The mother said she did it as a joke.”

Someone posted the short clip to the group: Where Is Baby Kate, along with the details of the mothers profile and the local Sheriff’s contact details.

Pics from group post

Facebook | whereisbabykate

It wasn’t long before Sumter County Sheriff’s Office was innundated with calls from horrified group members.

Hardy was charged with cruelty to children, she was released a few days later after posting a bond of $1,500.

Captain Burnish has said the case is still being investigated, no evidence has been found regarding the mistreatment of Hardys other children. The local department of Social Services is also investigating the matter.

Since her arrest It appears that Caitlin has removed her profile from Facebook.

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