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A 10 Year Old Boy Who Spent Two Years Growing His Hair, Donates It To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

Four years ago, at the age of 8, Thomas Moore saw a video of then 5 year old Kyssi Andrews, a girl that had lost her hair during chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she did not succeed in beating cancer, but that was a huge lesson for Thomas.

He felt so sorry for her and for every other child dealing with the same condition. As a result, this little boy showed such a selfless act of kindness that everyone was stunned by.

Angela Pulos, the mother, was watching that video, and Tom just happened to take a look at it. At the time he was so young and did not understand what was the video about, but his mother tried to explain the whole cancer thing to him: cancer cells, chemotherapy, the huge pain that everyone that is going through this process is experiencing, etc.

The little boy felt sorry and decided to do something to help these people, so his plan was the following: not to cut his hair for as long as it takes so that two wigs could be made out of it.

Thomas with his long hair
Credit | Twitter

His aunt, Amber Ray, in an interview with Buzzfeed, explained how dedicated he was to achieving what he had in mind. She said that when Thomas decided to do this, his hair was very, very short, and he had no idea how long would it take to achieve his goal, but never backed up anyway.

This was not easy for him, and without the support of his family, he wouldn’t have done this amazing thing. His family was constantly re-focusing him on the reason.Two years after the goal being set, Thomas finally cut his hair and got 17 healthy inches of fine hair.

Hair against a tape measure

In an interview with NBC4, his mom has stated that what he did was so selfless, and he did it only in order to help someone else. Everyone thought that what he had done was amazing and Thomas was so popular at school.

When the story was posted on Twitter, it resonated with a lot of people, so they began replying with words of encouragement and praise for the little boy.

Twitter praise
Twitter messages of praise

It was a huge change for him to cut all that hair, for the people around him as well, but if you ask Thomas, it was all worth it.

Is he up for doing the same this all over again and grow his hair for another 2 years? Only time will tell.

Every kid should feel this way. They need to know how to love and offer help since young ages. Let’s not ever forget what has Thomas done.

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