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700 Pound Man Refuses To Lose Weight Claiming, ‘I’ll Eat Till I Die’

A new show called Family By The Ton showing on TLC tells the story of a guy named Casey King who weighs around seven hundred and seven pounds.

King lives in Georgia with his father and spends his days eating copious amounts of food and gaming on his Playstation.

Speaking about his predicament, King said:

I will just eat till I’m dead. A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I am going to eat immediately, [and then] TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity.

King claims that he rarely wears any clothing as generally he can’t find clothing that fits well enough. As he’s home all of the time he says that he just sits naked and free.

Casey with no clothes
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Sadly, Casey has no real world interaction, his only escape from life is the gaming community, he says:

I’m accepted in all those virtual reality worlds and the gaming world I’m in. No one sees me. That is my outside. That is my world that I can be the Casey I want to be, but not be judged on my weight.

On the subject of his childhood and teenage years, Casey says that he’d always been a large child, upon high school graduation he was around the 300 pound mark.

His first jobs out of school were in resturants which just enabled him to eat a lot more. Within months his weight climbed to over 500 pounds and was unable to work due to his size.

Teenage Casey

According to King, his father seems to just buy him whatever food he wants:

“Basically, his one thing that he knew made me happy was food, so we just ate like kings, but, like, in the worst way — pizzas, chicken, Japanese food, takeout. I mean, me and my dad would get hibachi delivered, sushi by the barrel. I mean, just anything you wanted to eat, we were getting.”

Every day tasks can be a struggle when you’re over 700 pounds, just having a bath takes a fair bit of effort. King had to bring in a large tub which is made for small livestock and bathe outside.

Casey preparing a bath

When asked about his bathing king said he needs the larger tub because the shower and bath in the house are too small for him. He said the most effective way to clean himself was to slosh around in the tub “like a pig” so that the soap and water can get into the folds of skin on the body.

Casey Bathing

Family By The Ton follows the stories of a few people with weight issues, some are trying to get active and lose the weight and others are seemingly happy with the status quo.

It’s an interesting show, check out Casey’s story here.

Part 1

Part 2

Video and picture credit go to TLC. Check out their channel here.

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